Morna Manekeller is a floral designer with fifteen years experience in the creative flower industry. Morna grew up in the north of Scotland and migrated to Glasgow for many years before relocating to Reykjavík in 2011. She takes inspiration from the dramatic and diverse landscapes of Iceland and often incorporates local natural materials such as wool, moss and lava stones in her work.

Morna specialises in bridal work and has perfected many techniques to achieve professional results for wedding bouquets, flower crowns and floral jewelry. She often uses the bride's dress as the first point of inspiration for shape and detail to create a bouquet as unique as each bride.

Morna is an Ambassador for Floral Fundamentals, a joint initiative between designers and growers to promote fair practices and appreciation for quality products throughout the floral industry. Morna is also a regular contributor to Fusion Flowers magazine, creating step-by-step instructional articles of new flower designs.

Morna describes her process as having "a naturalistic approach, ideas grow organically from the materials I find around me from the beach to the forest to the fleamarket. I work fairly fast and loose, but always end up with an intricate and precise finish to each design. Attention to detail is my trademark."